Ensuring the highest level of contract support

We help companies navigate the complex world of federal business opportunities
through contract management and accounting compliance.

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Government Contract Management

At Left Brain Professionals, we know government contracts: What it takes to qualify for them. How to manage them. And how to profit while delivering real value.

Government Contract Compliance

More than mere consultants, we’re part of your team. Hiring Left Brain Professionals is like adding a government contracts expert to your team – but without the expense of a full-time professional.

Government Contract Accounting

With Left Brain Professionals at your side, you’ll have the expertise to prepare for and successfully weather the inevitable audits that come with federal contracts.


As your CFO, Left Brain Professionals helps you profit from federal contracts, prevent compliance headaches and resolve red-tape nightmares – assuring profitability and peace of mind.


robert jones

Robert E. Jones knows government contracts: How to qualify for them. How to manage them. And how to profit from them. With over 12 years of Department of Defense contract and accounting experience, he helps companies successfully navigate the complex legal and regulatory framework of federal contracting.

As a consultant to small and mid-sized businesses, Robert offers expert input into strategic planning, cost and pricing models, financial analysis, negotiation strategies and regulatory compliance. He designs and implements DCAA-compliant ERP and accounting systems for service, manufacturing, and aerospace companies. His proactive, decisive approach to finding opportunities and solving problems is based on experience in managing more than $30 million in federal contracts

We are deemed DCAA compliant. A major feat. I want to thank you for your time and efforts to support and guide the team and many times stepping up to the plate to challenge the obstacles to reach the ultimate goal. Thank you for your hard work and effort.

Merry K. - CEO


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